Food For Thought


I know, Haley is incompetent, Muir is suffering from alzheimers and can't call plays despite 30+ years in the NFL, RAC has lost the ability to scheme a defense and Matt Cassel sucks. At least that is what you would think if you read this site right now as a new user. Let's start at the beginning with just one example for now. Todd Haley and Scott Pioli consulted 'some people who were around during the last football strike' (now just who do you think that was? Initials BP ring any bells?) and was told that after the strike was over, the rush was on to get every player on the field as quickly as possible with a blatant disregard for conditioning. This resulted in an overabundance of injuries that cost all those teams in big ways and changed the landscape of winners and losers in that years season. Based on that information, Coach Haley decided that conditioning was paramount. So much so that given the limited time available, his focus was nearly 100% on getting the guys in condition rather than worrying about each unit (offense, defense and S/T) being able to get enough meaningful reps to gel into a game ready football team. The thinking was that if the players were at least healthy, they could take care of rhythym at the first available opportunity. It now looks like that opportunity has run into the regular season. This is, ostensibly, the reason that the Chiefs looked like a High School football team vs. the Buffalo Bills last week. Set that aside for a moment and consider that the link above will take you to the NFL injury report for this coming week. Every, single team has at least one injury. Most of those were sustained in last weeks games. Only one team on that list has but a single injury listed on it's report (and it was sustained during camp)--The Kansas City Chiefs. Many of these teams have so many injuries that they look like a grocery list. How will this affect the season? This question cannot be immediately answered, but even with the inability to put together a solid performance last week, the Chiefs added NO ONE to the injury list (Berry was a cheap shot that had nothing whatever to do with his conditioning). Suddenly, Todd Haley may not look quite so stupid. If the Chiefs come out and play like they can this week, I think there are a whole bunch of folks in the Chiefs fan ranks that are going to need a fork the size of Texas to eat the amount of humble pie needed to heal the wounds inflicted on Pioli, Haley and the rest of the team right here at AP last week. Say what you will about Haley's 'plan', if the goal was to attain and keep healthy players on the field, how would you grade the Chiefs right now versus the rest of the NFL?