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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Arrowhead Pride Edition

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Welcome to another week of Arrowhead Pride power rankings!  If you missed last week you can check our rankings here.  If you want to get caught up on the most recent media power rankings click by AP user Steve_in_RI's, click here. 

There were some pretty good games Week 1 but also some very lopsided games.

In case you forgot the panel here it is again with a change of one member.  This should be the lineup to finish out the year (hopefully).  Remember, each panel member including myself ranked each team then wrote a short blurb about the division that we picked. So below each team the blurb was written by that panel member who took that team.

AFC North:  ChiefsFan90s

AFC South:  upamtn

AFC East:  Chiefsfan85

AFC West:  Flowers24

NFC North:  saskwatch

NFC South:  wustl_chiefs_fan

NFC East:  GenericBrand

NFC West:  MtHammer

There is really no surprise that the Packers continue to chug along as No. 1 in our power rankings.  The biggest jump would have to go to the Bills who jumped up 12 spots due to the destruction at Arrowhead.  The biggest fall would go to the Colts who dropped 23 due to a Manningless situation.

There were two ties this week between the Jaguars and Dolphins/Browns and Panthers.  The way I broke the tie was throw out the highest and lowest ranking for each team.  I then averaged out the rankings and the higher consistent ranked team won which happened to be the over-sized cats in the match-ups.  The Chiefs fell from 11th to 24th.  The highest ranking for the Chiefs was 18th while the lowest was 29th.  The number to the right of the team is the average ranking.

1.  Green Bay Packers (1.5)

Defending Superbowl champs looked the part and their QB looks like the next great one. As long as they win they stay at the top.

2.  New England Patriots (2)

Brady seemed to be on fire against the Dolphins.  I'm not sure if anyone outside of the Packers will be able to compete with the Patriots.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (4)

So much for another close game between the Steelers and Ravens. The Ravens were more physical than Pittsburgh, and now they stand atop of the AFC North with Cincinnati, for now.

4.  Philadelphia Eagles (5)

Not  buying the hype yet. Before the lucky bounces and injuries started to add up they had their hands full with a pesky Rams team.

5.  New Orleans Saints (5.5)

Their game against the Packers confirmed what I thought. They will win the division by Drew Brees-ing teams to death.

6.  New York Jets (5.9)

The Jets looked decent Sunday night but got some help.  They are going to put up a fight against the Patriots for the playoff spot.

7.  Houston Texans (7.1)

This could be one of the major surprise teams of the year, scary good offense could take this team a long ways

8.  Chicago Bears (8)

Okay, I guess I will have to believe. The defense is very good and as long as Cutler doesn't make stupid mistakes they will be tough to beat.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers (8.1)

The Steelers cannot have many more game likes this if they want to repeat as AFC Champions. They could not run the ball, the defense gave up 170 yards rushing, and Big Ben and the entire offense was a turnover machine with 7.

10.  San Diego Chargers (8.4)

While the ST woes continue, so does Rivers and and that golden arm. Can they win in New England?

11.  Detroit Lions (11.9)

The front four of defense is terrifying, and as long as Stafford is healthy they should challenge for a Wildcard spot. Winners of 5 straight.

12.  Atlanta Falcons (12.5)

Before the season I told everybody who'd listen that the Falcons wouldn't be good this year, and was the only person to rank them outside the top 10 last week. I feel pretty vindicated.

13.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14.1)

There was a Bucs fan in the restaurant where I watched the game. Sadly, he was the happiest person in the room full of Chiefs and Browns fans.

14.  Dallas Cowboys (15.9)

Romo crumbles under the pressure once again but this team showed enough to believe they'll be in the mix this year.

15.  St. Louis Rams (16.5)

Likely without Steven Jackson this week, the Rams will have to rely even more on Sam Bradford.  Luckily they'll be facing a very banged up Giants secondary.

16.  Oakland Raiders (16.6)

The Raiders won a sloppy game, but now go to Buffalo looking to make it two straight road wins.

17.  Buffalo Bills (18.6)

The Bills took it to the Chiefs.  I'm not sure if they are really good or took advantage of a struggling Chiefs team.

18.  Arizona Cardinals (19.3)

Kevin Kolb looked pretty good in his first game as a Cardinal, but Arizona has to be concerned about what rookie Cam Newton was able to do to their defense in his first start.

19.  San Francisco 49ers (19.4)

The Cowboys will be looking to bounce back against the 49ers this week in what should be one of the weekend's more interesting matchups.

20.  New York Giants (20.3)

The injuries are piling up in New Jersey. The only thing that might save them is a soft schedule over the next 6 weeks.

21.  Jacksonville Jaguars (21.4)

Still not sure why Garrard was tossed aside, question now is:  how long til Blaine Gabbert is the starting QB?

22.  Miami Dolphins (21.4)

The Dolphins start out 0-1 in their division.  Will the Dolphins be able to compete in this division featuring the Patriots and Jets along with the upstart Bills?

23.  Washington Redskins (21.9)

Even with their 3rd string quality starting QB they looked competitive against the G-Men. The defense will have to continue to carry the load.

24.  Kansas City Chiefs (22)

Week Two sees a formidable Lions team on the road. Will the 2010 or 2011 Chiefs show up?

25.  Cincinnati Bengals (25.9)

Good news: The Bengals have Cedric Benson and are the best team in Ohio. Bad news: Andy Dalton was taken out due to injury, they still have Mike Brown, they still have Marvin Lewis, and Ohio does not have one good NFL team.

26.  Minnesota Vikings (26.5)

Serious question marks at QB and an aging defense might make for a long year in Viking country.

27.  Carolina Panthers (26.9)

I'm glad to see Newton is doing well, but I'll wait on calling him the next great quarterback until he throws for 400 yards against the Packers.

28.  Cleveland Browns (26.9)

Browns' fans have reason to be upset: Colt McCoy completed less than half of his passes, their former team just destroy the Steelers, they just proved they are worse team in Ohio, and they are still the same Cleveland Browns.

29.  Tennessee Titans (27.1)

It wasn't that long ago the the Titans were a team to deal with, now this team is looking worse by the week:  Forget The Titans.

30.  Denver Broncos (28.3)

Denver blew a great opportunity at home. You have to wonder what that does to their confidence.

31.  Indianapolis Colts (28.9)

This team could be in deep trouble if Manning doesn't return, Collins doesn't appear to be the answer as the Colts take a huge fall.

32.  Seattle Seahawks (30.5)

Seattle's roster just doesn't have the depth to deal with the injuries they've sustained so far.  Having to play at Pittsburgh this weekend does them no favors.

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