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NFL Week 2 Rankings: Where The Kansas City Chiefs Stand On Offense And Defense

We may only be one week into the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs season but we're going to deliver to you KC's team rankings on both offense and defense. This will be a weekly post, so it will serve as a historical guide for the team's rankings on the season as well.

So, after 60 minutes of NFL football, where do the Kansas City Chiefs rank relative to the rest of the league on offense and defense?

Let's check out some stats, after the jump.


  • Yards/game: 30th;
  • Passing yards/game: 30th;
  • Points/game: 30th (tied);
  • First downs/game: 29th (tied);
  • Third down conversation rate: 26th; and,
  • Rushing yards/game: 12th.


  • Points/game: 31st;
  • Third down conversation rate: 27th;
  • Rushing yards/game: 27th (tied);
  • First downs/game: 22nd;
  • Yards/game: 18th; and,
  • Passing yards/game: 11th.
  • Field goals made: 24th;
  • Kickoff return average: 21st (tied);
  • Punt return average: 6th.

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