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Chiefs' Todd Haley Asked Why He Isn't Calling The Plays

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Anytime a team loses the way the Kansas City Chiefs did against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, there are going to be questions about how the team is operating. Are they running the right defense? Should this guy be lining up here? Is this the best offensive game plan?

And, yes, who should be calling the plays on offense? That seems to be a big one that we hear around the NFL and it's no different in Kansas City after the struggles last Sunday.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley went in SiriusXM NFL Radio with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon and Schein lauded Haley's play calling ability referencing his days in Arizona before asking: Why aren't you calling the plays?
"When I say collective effort, that's not coach speak or media speak," Haley began. "That's what we do, and that's what I've done in most places we've been. In Arizona it was a collective effort. Somebody has to pull the trigger and then there's always someone there who can say, 'Ah, let's think about this.'

"I feel very confident in coach Muir and our entire staff and how we mangage that because, again, just through experience, whether it was coach Parcells back in the day, it was the same deal. It didn't matter whether it was Dan Henning, Charlie Weis, Ron Erhardt or Bill Parcells calling the plays because it changed from week to week.

"Occasionally, the head coach would take over or one of those other guys within the system, but the key to our success through the years, just talking about the large group of coaches that came out of that system so to speak, is that the way that we prepare during the week, there is a method to it. We get ourselves ready to go to where we really do feel like, at the end of the week, it doesn't matter whose calling the plays. Obviously, there will be changes within a game but that's up to the head coach."

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