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Eric Berry: 'Minor Setback For A Major Comeback'

For someone who rarely (if ever) misses a game, suffering a season-ending injury has to be completely devastating. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley indicated that's how S Eric Berry feels after a knee injury ended his 2011 season only a few minutes after it started.

As if there was ever any doubt, Berry has the right attitude heading into his rehab, according to his first public comment (or tweet) about his injury:

Just wanted to tell everybody thanks for all the love! Means more than u know. Just a Minor setback for a major comeback.

That attitude is why he's become a favorite of more than a few Chiefs fans. That, and his sense of humor during adversity:

Now I just gotta learn how to use the restroom on one leg. Lol

(H/T kc571)

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