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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Says 'You Have To Move On'

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It's Tuesday. The Kansas City Chiefs players are off today and when they return on Wednesday they'll start looking at the Detroit Lions. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel said on 810 WHB yesterday that, as players, they have to move onto the next game.

"You have to [move on]," Cassel said. "You don't really have a choice in this league. It's 16 weeks and if you start worrying about or letting this one affect the rest of them you're going to have a long season. So you have to turn the page."

As Chiefs fans, I think we can agree with that -- move on. I'm looking forward to forgetting about the Buffalo Bills game. Cassel did conjure up memories of the 49-29 loss to the Denver Broncos last year when talking about moving on.

"It's the same thing as Denver last year," Cassel said. "It didn't go the way we wanted and we were blown out but at the same time we were able to turn the page, come back and rebound. That's what good football teams do."

The Chiefs did that last year after the Denver game. They won two consecutive games by 18 points and then came back to beat the Broncos at Arrowhead.

We can only hope they do the same against Detroit this week.

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