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One NFL Power Rankings Has Chiefs At No. 32

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Tuesday is the day most NFL power rankings come out as Monday Night Football is over and we begin moving onto the next week. Today is Tuesday and, while AP contributor Steve_in_RI will be coming out with a listing of the Kansas City Chiefs in the various power rankings out there in media, I wanted to single one of them out.s

Pro Football Talk had the Chiefs ranked 17th last week and, after Sunday's 41-7 butt whoopin' at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, they are now ranked....dead last.

32. Chiefs (No. 17; 0-1): We've got a feeling that most Chiefs fans will agree with this.

The Chiefs have enough going for them that I can't rank them last -- yet. But it's getting close. Having quality players doesn't do any good if they don't play like quality players.

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