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Monday Night Football: Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders Open Thread

After Tom Brady nearly sets the NFL single game passing yard record, we've got two teams from our division wrapping up the weekend with the late MNF game.  Does Orton prove his worth?  Does Tebow take the field?  Does McFadden shred the Broncos D?  Do either one of these two teams show up well enough to scare the Chiefs or the Chargers?  Who wants this to be an awesome game to try to drown out the tragic Chiefs events in the last 24 hours?  Am I just filling space so that SBNation will allow me to post this thing on the front page, even though most of the talk that will occur in this thread is going to be nonsense and bunk that may or may not pertain to the game?  Yes.  =)

I've got a sloppy game that the Raiders win on a late game defensive stand:  27-24.  Who you got?

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