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Bills Vs. Chiefs: The Best And The Worst

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I always wait until the next morning to begin writing my game reaction articles, with the idea that the emotions of game day have worn off, and that perspective will have set in, providing me with the clarity to write.

Today? It didn't really work. That. Was. Embarrassing.

And for the initial 'worst' of the week (there will be lots of them), I'll clue you into my current situation…

Worst job to have today - Retail in Kansas City. "Boy, the Chiefs sure did suck yesterday didn't they?" -Every single customer.

Worst fake excuse to get out of work - Having a sore throat from cheering at the Chiefs game. Maybe I should've gone with booing?

Lets get to the rest, see if I can find any bests for all of you…

Chiefs v. Bills: The Best and the Worst:

Worst possible start to a season - Fumbling the opening kickoff. Even worse than allowing an opening kickoff return for a touchdown. At least we beat the Chargers in something yesterday.

Worst player in the NFL - Sabby Pis(poor)citelli. He was the second worst player on writer Bill Barnwell's 25 Worst Players in the NFL list, but Jake Delhomme has since retired, leaving the dunce cap behind for Sabby. The sight of him chasing down the tight end from behind time and time again will take a while to forget.

Worst kept secret - Kendrick Lewis may not be that good. He might look alright playing alongside Eric Berry, but the Bills repeatedly abused him in the passing game. His play led to…

Best Tight End in the NFL - Scott Chandler. The third year tight end accumulated 89 percent of his career receiving yards in Sunday's game. Why stop there though?

Best Quarterback in the NFL - Ryan Fitzpatrick. According to ESPN's new Total Quarterback Rating, he was the top quarterback of Week 1. I thought Fitz was underrated coming into the game, but he might be due for a breakout year. Or Eric Berry might just be that good.

Best team in the NFL - Buffalo Bills. Nobody can top their 34-point win margin.

Best song to listen to this morning - Tech N9ne, 'Planet Rock' - "I'm mad cause the Chiefs lost. I'm pissed off."

Worst play No. 1 - Third quarter, 11:00 minute mark, 1st and 10 at KC 31, Matt Cassel pass short middle to Matt Cassel for -4 yards. This play stalled the biggest drive of the game. The Chiefs trailed 20-7, had just forced a Bills punt, and had the chance to make this a real game with a score. This play was followed by a -2 yard pass to Pope, and an incompetent short incompletion to Bowe on 3rd and 16. Punt. Game over.

Worst play No. 2 - Third quarter, 4:00 minute mark, 3rd and goal at KC 11, Ryan Fitzpatrick pass short middle to Scott Chandler for 11 yard touchdown. After the fans benevolently helped force the Bills off the doorstep with back to back false starts (I was sitting in that end zone's section), the Chiefs didn't even bother to cover the tight end (with what had to be a miscommunication) to score the easy touchdown.

Worst sign from the game - The way the Chiefs came out in the second half. They had completely embarrassed themselves in the first half in front of a packed stadium of fans just waiting to go bonkers. That's not the ideal way to start the season, but they were down only 13 points at half, with a crowd that was still into the game. They had every chance to rectify themselves in the second half, and that was their response? Your backs are against the wall in your home opener, and that's the best you can do? That showed me a tremendous lack of heart on their part.

Best Chiefs tradition - "We're gonna beat the hell outta you, you, you you you!" The touchdown chant narrowly edges "Home of the CHIEFS" in my books. Although I'm curious to see what you guys think, so I'm going to set up a poll at the end of this post.

Worst postgame text received - "The Chiefs gave the least tough performance today that I've ever seen any team give in history." -My brother. It seemed harsh, rash, and completely 100 percent accurate.

Best outcome - It was only one game. Seriously. I had to check the NFL standings today to make sure, but there it was: 0-1. If you want any optimism out of me (which I don't really think the team deserves right now), it would be that the Chiefs lost in similarly embarrassing fashion to the 4-12 Denver Broncos last year, and won their next three games.

Best response - I'm not ready to panic yet. This team has the chance to erase their Week 1 nightmare next week in Detroit. It won't be easy, nor should it be, but it's certainly a winnable game. The team will be hearing all week about how unbelievably bad they played against the Bills, and if they can't respond to that? Then I, for one, will have lost hope.

Best timing - Finishing this up just before the news of Eric Berry's torn ACL smacked me in the face. I couldn't have written this in the mood I am in now.

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