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Bills' Chan Gailey Says Beating Chiefs Feels Good

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It's aways good to get a win in the NFL. Every victory is going to make you feel good. But when that victory comes against the team that fired you a couple years earlier, it has to be a little sweeter.

That's the case with Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills dominating victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Gailey was fired by new Chiefs head coach Todd Haley shortly before the 2009 season and hasn't said much about his exit since. He did admit earlier this week that this game means a little more since he was once fired in KC.

Gailey said after Sunday's game that this victory feels good.

"Feels good," Gailey said to a little bit of laughter in the press conference. "You'd be lying if you said it doesn't. It does."

Gailey also says it felt good taking the crowd out of the game early, a crowd they spent the week preparing for by piping in crowd noise to their practices.

"When you're able to get a turnover, and put it in the end zone, it gives them very few opportunities to get riled up. That was a concern for us, that they would be an issue. After we scored a couple times, they were more concerned about getting on their own team than disrupting us."

The low point for me was about the third quarter when the Bills made it 27-7. The crowd was thinning out considerably and I considered leaving the game myself.

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