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Bills Vs. Chiefs: Five Bad Stats From Sunday's Debacle

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My only speculation on what happened yesterday between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs is that Chan Gailey must still have the old conference call in number the Chiefs use. Because he had this Bills team completely prepared to face the Kansas City Chiefs and their game plan.

It's not a fun story to write but here we go with five bad stats from the Chiefs vs. Bills.....

Most lopsided season opening loss in Chiefs' history. If you believe in omens, the Chiefs fumbling the opening kickoff away was one. Let's hope the game itself wasn't an omen for the entire 2011 Chiefs season.

36 pass attempts. 105 passing yards. Well you don't see this very often (I don't think at least). The Kansas City Chiefs averaged 3.8 yards per pass. And averaged 6.0 yards on the ground. 3.8 yards. Per pass. How terrible is that? Of the 36 pass attempts Cassel made, 29 were considered "short" passes by NFL statistics.

3-13 on third down. If a team loses by 34 points, it's almost guaranteed they have a terrible third down conversion percentage. The Chiefs could get nothing going on offense.

213 total offensive yards. Again, another sad, sad statistic. The Chiefs had two games in 2010 were they racked up fewer yards than they did yesterday. One of those games was Week 1 against San Diego (which they won).

41-7. Chan Gailey whooped us. Todd Haley, you should be pissed off.

if you want to dig around more stats, here they are.

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