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Eric Berry's Injury Scaring Kansas City Chiefs Fans Early Against Bills

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The Kansas City Chiefs did not get off to a good start to their 2011 season. Dexter McCluster fumbled the opening kick off, which the Buffalo Bills recovered. A few short plays later, the Bills threw a short pass for a touchdown. 7-0, in favor of the Bills.

S Eric Berry also left the field twice with what looked like some sort of leg injury. The first time Berry went down, he promptly returned. The second time going down, however, Berry spent some time on the sidelines with the trainers but left for the locker room halfway through the first quarter. His status is unknown.

[Update by Joel: Berry has a knee injury and his return is questionable right now.]

The Chiefs have punted twice, not showing much of anything on offense. The Bills are driving and are still up 7-0.