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Where Are You Watching The Chiefs Vs. Packers Game Tonight?

It's the final preseason game which means this is a practice run for you to prepare for the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs season.

Ever since Ms. Primetime (not Mrs. Primetime, yet) and I bought our first house earlier this summer, and a new TV to go along with it, it's hard to remove my butt from the couch when football games are on so I'm usually watching these games at home when the Chiefs are on the road.

That's where I'll be tonight watching the game along with my laptop following along with the other folks on AP.

A few of my friends are going to a bar to watch the game but, if I had the option (and I do), watching at a bar is a lot worse than watching at home, if you ask me. You can't hear the commentators, you don't stay focused and end up missing crucial parts of the game -- yes, even in the preseason. Maybe it's the booze that takes my attention away. (Maybe.)

Where are you going to be watching the game tonight? Also, please give me some new food ideas for the game. The buffalo wings I make are too spicy for Ms. Primetime (she's a wimp) so I gotta come up with a new game time meal.

It's Game Time.

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