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One More Time: Do The Chiefs Need To Win This Preseason Game?

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We asked this question last week to some mixed results:

Do the Kansas City Chiefs need to win this preseason game against the Green Bay Packers?

I've said again and again that the preseason doesn't really matter -- and it doesn't -- but I do think, coming into the final preseason game, that the Chiefs could benefit from a victory. Maybe it's just a feeling I have, maybe it's the momentum factor but I think a victory tonight would help the Chiefs.

It just seems like there's a lot of negativity surrounding the team right now. The offense has been among the worst in the preseason. The defense gave up two scores against the St. Louis Rams first team last week. The Chiefs just haven't had a lot of impressive moments.

So, yeah, the preseason doesn't matter....but do the Chiefs need to win anyway?