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ESPN's NFL Power Rankings Have Chiefs Ranked 14th

ESPN's weekly NFL power rankings are back and in the first edition of the 2011-12 season the Kansas City Chiefs come in....


They were 11th last year so this is a little step down for them. The Chicago Bears sit right before them at No. 13 and the St. Louis Rams are right behind them at No. 15.

This is how things shake out in the division: San Diego Chargers (10), Chiefs (14), Oakland Raiders (23) and Denver Broncos (....27).

The Chiefs are right in the middle which is where they should be. I've been calling this a prove-it year for them. (Actually, I just want them to break that damn playoff loss streak.) The Chiefs play seven of the 13 teams ranked ahead of them so it's a big-time schedule and this is the year to prove it.

Thoughts on the Chiefs spot in the power rankings? I'm preparing the first edition for SB Nation as well and somewhere around 14 sounds about right to me for the Chiefs. Right around the playoff cusp.

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