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Should Tamba Hali Talk?

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star wrote a column this morning diving into the question of whether LB Tamba Hali should speak to the media more often. He didn't talk at all last year except for one interview with the KC Star's Kent Babb late in the season. (The Star archives their stories for some reason so Babb's story isn't available on their website but here's a copy of the story I found.)

First, check out Mellinger's story, which includes his exclusive interview with Hali. Second, check out my thoughts on what the deal is. Third, vote in our poll.

From a media perspective, it's frustrating because you want to write stories about a guy who is one of the best in the league at his position. Media folks want to present stories that people want to read and folks generally like to read stories about their team's best players. Without Hali talking to the media and sharing his story, they're left to write something that includes few interesting tidbits or any perspective from Hali.

From a fan perspective, it can also be frustrating because, obviously, we want to know more about this superstar in the making. I want to know how he spent his offseason. I want to know what he thinks of leading the AFC in sacks. I want to know if he was surprised by his performance last season. I want to know what he thinks about the added attention he'll receive from offensive coordinators. But...we don't know any of that.

At the same time, as a fan, our first priority is for Hali to crush quarterbacks and if he doesn't want to talk to the media along the way, so be it.

So should he talk more often?

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