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Over/Under On The Kansas City Chiefs: 7.5 Wins

The Kansas City Chiefs winning the division crown next year will be considered an upset. has come out with the over/under on every single NFL team's win totals in the 2011-12 season. The Kansas City Chiefs officially come in at 7.5.

That's better than the Denver Broncos at 5.5 wins and it's better than the Oakland Raiders at 6.5 wins. The San Diego Chargers, however, come in at the top with their over/under at 10 wins.

The national view of the Chiefs seems to be a team on the rise that could get better but faces a big-time schedule. Don Banks of has the Chiefs pegged at eight wins.

I think I'm leaning, right now, to the over. That's subject to change depending on how they start the season.

I've posted the Chiefs 2011 schedule after the jump. Can they get 8 or more wins out of that?

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