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Bucs Plan To Play Starters Longer Vs. Chiefs

One of the interesting story lines in training camp this year will be how much the starters and backups play in the preseason games. Usually, starters increase their playing time in the first three games before laying low in the fourth game.

With no offseason workouts, will teams put their starters in more often? Against the Kansas City Chiefs for the first preseason game of the year on Friday, that's what the Tampa Bay Bucs will do. Raheem Morris told reporters on Friday that instead of the 12-15 snaps starters may usually see, they'll get more time.

"You might want to get up to the 20s [in total plays]. Let these guys play a little bit because they missed a little bit of stuff," Raheem said, via

I think we'll see something similar for the Chiefs. They need to get their top 53 guys ready for the season and, unfortunately, the playing time for those guys will come at the expensive of players 54-90.

As Joe Bucs Fan, that increase in snaps for the Bucs is about 50 percent more real football.

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