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Little Known WR Chris Manno Had Great Workout For The Chiefs

Earlier this week the Kansas City Chiefs picked up WR Chris Manno, who played college football at Hofstra. There's very little information out there on Manno other than a little bit on his time in the Arena League 2 so we didn't really know what we were getting with him.

Manno's hometown paper, Sachem NY Patch, has a story out on him and I found one part in particular really interesting -- apparently, Manno had an amazing workout with the team before signing.

"I had 15 minutes to get loose and from there we just ran with it," said Manno. "I don't know what happened, something happened and it was good. I got a bunch of bad balls, but dove and caught them."

Chiefs representatives told him they expected him to be quick, but when they told him, "it was one of the best workouts they've ever seen in the last 12 years," his heart started to beat a little faster.

Previously I would describe Manno as more camp-fodder but with this bit of information you gotta wonder if he has a shot at making the team.

Manno last played college football in 2007 so he's a good example of the NFL dream never dying.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)

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