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Tyler Thigpen Not Expected To Start Vs. Chiefs In Week 1

When Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills signed QB Tyler Thigpen to a three-year deal last week my mind immediately went to Sept. 11, the first game of the season. The Chiefs are scheduled to play the Bills so it would be kinda cool if that game came against Thigpen and Gailey, two guys who used to be in KC.

Except....that won't be happening. At least we think it won't. The Bills official site quotes Gailey as saying to Thigpen when he first arrived:

"When I called Tyler I told him exactly the situation," said Gailey. "Ryan (Fitzpatrick) is the starter and there's no question about that. You can compete and work and see how close you can get and that'll be good, but Ryan is the starter."

Week 1 it'll be QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills vs. QB Matt Cassel and the Chiefs. No Gettin' Thiggy With It in Week 1 (unless the Chiefs start blowin' them out).

Thigpen and Gailey would create a pesky opponent so, as a Chiefs fan, I'm actually glad Thigpen isn't starting.

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