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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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Happy Friday Everyone and a Happy Birthday to me!  Yep, I'm 26 years old today and last night my wife got me a Bowe Jersey.  It wasn't season tickets but I'm happy either way.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight though.  What do you guys usually do for your birthdays?

There were a lot of stories this week that were just about everything and anything.  If you had a busy week and missed something please follow along.  I'm going to recap all the signings we made.  There are also some great fanposts and fanshots that I want to highlights.  Also, last week I brought in a new segment about happenings from a year ago today.  Last year, find out why Dex had some "troubles" in camp.

Top Five Stories

1. The Big Fish: Chiefs Reel In Tamba Hali With Five-Year Contract

This has been a long time coming and Hali deserves it more than just about anyone on our team.  I'm glad that for the next five years he will be destroying QB's and LT's alike.  He seems to always get back to the quarterback usually getting away from a hold.  I also love his ability to force a fumble.  Now, we just need a couple players to step up and help Hali rush the passer.

2. Report: Brandon Carr Signs Tender With Chiefs

I've always been a big supporter of Carr.  He is probably the best number 2 CB in the league right now.  Last year, he showed us all what he can do if he puts all his focus into the position.  I'm sure having a great defensive back coach helps too.  We have the outside locked down and just need work on our inside CB's.  Arenas got burned a lot last year so hopefully that problem will be fixed.

3. Chiefs Officially Announce LB Justin Houston Has Signed

This last week Houston has been the subject of a lot of criticism on this site.  I'm not sure what the holdup was exactly but I'm glad he is going to be in camp.  He should be a beast if he takes in what the coaches tell him.  It wouldn't be so bad if he took some notes from Tamba either.

4. Chiefs’ Wallace Gilberry Signs His Tender

I loves me some Gilberry.  He adds some depth and much needed help in pass rushing situations.  Does he have what it takes to play more snaps?  I think so but I'm not sure if our coaches want to use him like that.  I think he does fine just how we use him.  I'm ok with over 7 sacks from him a year.

5. Report: Le’Ron McClain To The Kansas City Chiefs

Finally, we have a true fullback on our team.  I love Cox just as much as the next guy but he just doesn't have the athletic ability as McClain.  I'm pretty sure our rushing game will lead the league again.  If not it will be top 3 easily especially with this addition.  I just hope that Charles and McCluster see more carries.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Chiefs Make It Official With LB Brandon Siler

Yes!  We have some actual depth at the LB position.  I have a feeling that Siler might start for us day one in Belcher's spot.  Either way I see both getting a lot of time at the inside spot.  I actually noticed Siler quite a bit when playing against the Chargers.  He really isn't that bad and with Romeo's help he could be a very balanced linebacker.

2. Thank The Football Gods For Actual Football

No, thank you Chief-blinders-on for a great post!  There is a lot of information in this post along with some great commentary.  We all thank the football gods and I can't wait for the first preseason game.  Wow, I can't believe I actually said that I am looking forward to a preseason game.

Fanpost Of The Week

Observations From The Kansas City Chiefs’ Monday Afternoon Practice by zbschiefs

This is what makes Arrowhead Pride so great.  Contributions like this really help out Chris and Joel.  It also gives another perspective on camp.  I love reading these throughout camp.  Next week, I'll be going to camp and will post my observations for everyone.

Fanshot Of The Week

Chiefs 2011 Schedule Wallpaper posted by GanjaChief

There were a lot of great fanshots this week but I just love effort like this.  This is one of the best wallpapers that I've seen.  It also helps people like me who tend to forget the schedule.  Thanks for the awesome post Ganja!

One Year Ago Today...

Chiefs Training Camp: Three Pairs Of Shoes Down For McCluster

This reminds me of the quote from the newer version of The Longest Yard.  "He's so fast he makes fast people look slow..."  McCluster is only going to get better especially with the long offseason to heal up.  It is crazy to think that last year this was one of the main topics in camp.

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