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Chiefs Free Agency Grades Receive A Boost With Le'Ron McClain, Tamba Hali

It appears Kansas City Chiefs fans didn't mind the signings of FB Le'Ron McClain and LB Tamba Hali. In fact, those moves were worth about a full letter bump in the latest numbers for the Chiefs free agency grades.

On Wednesday, we ran a poll asking fans to grade the Chiefs in free agency to this point. Remember, this was pre-McClain and Hali so the results were pretty average:

Before McClain and Hali: A (7%), B (38%), C (38%), D (12%) and F (3%).

24 hours later, we're in the same spot asking Chiefs fans to grade the team in free agency to this point. This was after the deals with McClain and Hali.

After McClain and Hali: A (30%), B (58%), C (9%), D (1%), F (0%)

A fullback and a linebacker really make a difference. They had about the same number of votes -- the before had 2,584 votes and the after had (or has) 2,676 votes.

OK, it's time to actually start training camp.

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