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Results Of This Month's Chiefs Approval Polls

We've got the results of the Kansas City Chiefs approval polls for this month. If you're new around here -- and judging by our traffic numbers, quite a few of you are -- every month we put a poll up asking whether the fans approve of head coach Todd Haley, GM Scott Pioli and owner Clark Hunt.

Todd Haley: With nearly 2,400 votes, Haley comes in at 92 percent approval rating, which is the same as July 2011. I'd say most people are relatively happy with the product on the field right now.

Scott Pioli: With just over 1,700 votes, Pioli gets a 78 percent approval rating. 14 percent of you said you're not sure on him but, since the poll was taken earlier in the week before a couple of big signings, I'm wondering if it will revert back to the 90 percent-level next month.

Clark Hunt: With over 1,800 votes, Hunt gets a 60 percent approval rating. He's been under 80 percent since the lockout started last March so it's pretty obvious that's had an affect on him. It'll be interesting to see how his results change once the Chiefs hit the field.

So that wraps up our approval polls for the month. Click on the links to see past month's results for each person.

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