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Kelly Gregg's Deal With Chiefs Is Worth $3.5 Million

We're starting to get a look at some of the details involved in the contracts the Kansas City Chiefs signed with their free agents. We've already laid out the details of WR Steve Breaston's contract and now we look at NT Kelly Gregg, who was picked up after being released by the Baltimore Ravens.

As previously reported, Gregg received a one-year deal. We're told the total value is $3.5 million -- $1 million to sign, $1.5 million in 2011 base salary and a $1 million roster bonus.

That salary is the equivalent of what Gregg was scheduled to receive with the Ravens in 2011 so he doesn't lose anything money-wise assuming, of course, he makes the team, which we think he will.

Gregg was out at Chiefs training camp practice last night watching the action and I saw him chatting up NT Anthony Toribio and NT Jerrell Powe a number of times. Folks in Baltimore have said he's definitely the type of guy who can become a mentor to the Chiefs young nose tackles which is a nice added bonus to this signing.

The Ravens released him likely free up some cap room and it had been speculated that they wanted to bring him back at a reduced price tag. Apparently, the Chiefs willingness to match his previously scheduled 2011 base salary was enough to bring him to town.

That or he just really loves good barbecue.

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