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Peter King's NFL Predictions Have Chiefs Missing The Playoffs

Not a big surprise but Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who released his NFL picks for the year, has the Kansas City Chiefs finishing 8-8, in second place in the AFC West behind the San Diego Chargers, and missing the playoffs. The over/under on the Chiefs is 7.5 wins so this is a fair prediction, I think. (But it doesn't mean I agree with it.)

Though it's not the Chiefs, King does have an AFC West team in the Super Bowl -- the Chargers losing to the Atlanta Falcons

Frankly, I don't think the Falcons are winning 13 games again. RB Michael Turner has been used an awful lot over the past few years so he may be due to break down. We'll see.

The Chargers on the other hand are a strong Super Bowl pick, I think. There's no way they have as many things go wrong last year (injuries and special teams) so I wouldn't be totally shocked to see San Diego make it to the final game. (But, as one friend just reminded me, it's Norv...)

7-8 wins seems to be the norm for most NFL "experts" out there. After last season, it would be a major disappointment as a fan to have the Chiefs at home when the playoffs start.

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