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The Big Fish: Chiefs Reel In Tamba Hali With Five-Year Contract

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If you had to pick one single player that the Kansas City Chiefs absolutely had to re-sign to a long-term deal, it'd be LB Tamba Hali. He was the big fish entering the 2011 NFL free agency period and the Chiefs have reeled him in. Multiple reports say Hali and the Chiefs agreed on a five-year deal worth $60 million and $35 million guaranteed.

This is another win-win for both sides. The Chiefs get Hali at a slightly lower rate than a comparable contract, LB DeMarcus Ware's nearly $13 million per year, and Hali gets a five-year deal putting him back on the free agency market when he's 32 years old. 

This was among the quietest monster deals I remember. The Chiefs didn't say anything about it. Hali didn't say anything about it. We all just kind of assumed it would get done. And it did.

The timing of this is also interesting with Hali's expected reporting date to be Thursday. Did the Chiefs have this deal worked out earlier in the week, or the month, and plan to announce it by Thursday? Or was this truly a last-minute negotiation that worked out for both sides? It'll be interesting to see the details.

So the Chiefs make the biggest no-brainer move of the offseason and reel in the big fish to a multi-year deal.

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