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First Kansas City Chiefs Night Practice Of The Year

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Camp_medium Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan said at the start of training camp that the team planned to conduct a couple of training camp night practices at Missouri Western State University because fans seemed to enjoy them quite a bit last year.

The first one of the year is coming tonight at 7:15 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) in St. Joe, Mo. The practice will be at Spratt Stadium -- same place as regular practices but on the big field -- in order to accomodate the fans.

These practices were a lot of fun last year because A.) a lot of fans were there getting into it and B.) it's not as hot. The latter, as you know if you've been to camp, is critical to a good camp experience. Last year the Chiefs drew over 8,000 fans to this practice and some players said it had a "game-like atmosphere" so it's a good one to go to if you're in the area.

The second night practice will come a week from tonight at Spratt Stadium. Check out the Chiefs training camp schedule.

Who's heading out to St. Joe tonight?