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Chiefs Rumor Gone Wrong

So this morning I saw some rumor floating around that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was involved in some sort of altercation recently at a bar in downtown Kansas City. I'm not going to go into the details but the rumor was basically accusing Haley of getting into an altercation with someone at a bar.

I didn't touch it because we hear crazy rumors from time to time and rarely does anything come of it, especially when there's no evidence to back it up. But then I saw a couple of tweets from a local media member saying that Haley was going to be asked about this incident. To me, that suggested there was more to the story and someone had details. The press conference went on and no one asked him what happened.

So I put my investigative hat on talking to a couple of people and was told that there was some sort of altercation several weeks ago at a bar in downtown Kansas City but the altercation involved the people sitting next to Haley. He wasn't involved.

As far as I can tell, all the hubbub created is...nothing. Haley wasn't involved in an incident. He didn't do anything wrong. No one is accusing him of doing anything wrong.

Both radio stations in KC are reporting the same thing -- nothing happened. 610 Sports' Nick Wright, in particular, cited six sources who said nothing happened.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there that only heard about some rumor involving Haley, made their own decision on what happened, and won't read the follow-up.

Back to football, folks. The cut down deadline is almost 24 hours away.

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