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When An Anonymous NFL Insider Is Wrong On The Chiefs

Pro Football Weekly runs a feature collecting quotes from anonymous NFL insiders like scouts, coaches and front-office personnel. It's an interesting feature but, because the sources are anonymous, it's tough to figure out how seriously to take it.

Their latest edition includes the Kansas City Chiefs, including head coach Todd Haley. It is...bizarre. To say the least. Let's parse through what this anonymous NFL insider had to say about the Chiefs and Todd Haley.
(Chiefs head coach) Todd Haley knows his team stinks, that he is going to get blamed and it probably is his fault. He definitely has done nothing to help the offense, especially at the receiver position.
I would strongly disagree with this. I don't think the Chiefs stink -- the evidence says they're coming off of a playoff appearance -- and I think Haley's done quite a bit to help the offense in the last two years. It's one of the reasons several national outlets gave him the NFL coach of the year honors. The receiver position? 15 touchdowns for Bowe last year.
It's not difficult for anyone to connect the dots. Look at the guys they have brought in (during Haley's tenure) -Jerheme UrbanTerrance CopperSteve BreastonBobby Wade - they all played for Todd at Arizona, Dallas or Chicago. (Rookie first-round pick JonathanBaldwin is already in trouble. 
Bringing in players you're familiar with early in your NFL coaching career is hardly a new thing. Urban and Breaston haven't played a down for the Chiefs in the regular season so that's some heavy speculation to assume they won't be any good. Copper is there for his special teams ability -- and he's very good at that -- so counting him as one of their main weapons offensively is inaccurate. Baldwin has had some issues early on but Haley's past history with receivers suggests he'll be good, not bad.
You look at the offense as a whole. They have no center; the receivers are not that good; (TonyMoeaki is hurt again, the right tackle (Barry Richardson) cannot block speed. Subtract Charlie Weis - how does the offense get any better?
No center? The Chiefs have C Casey Wiegmann returning and C Rodney Hudson behind him. Center is arguably the position they're looking the best at on the entire team. That tidbit right there tells us this anonymous NFL insider doesn't quite understand the Chiefs very well. Moeaki has an injury history dating back to college but he's now off the PUP list and missed one game in his short career. 
This will be Todd's last year, and I think he knows it. 
Based on what? There is no evidence to suggest Haley's in trouble. None. I don't think this anonymous NFL insider has a good grip on the Kansas City Chiefs.

(H/T GanjaChief)

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