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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 8/28

NJ Chiefs Fan is without power I believe because of Hurricane Irene so I'm going to try to fill his shoes this morning. Here are you Kansas City Chiefs news links for Sunday:

Reasons To Worry? … Sunday Cup O’Chiefs | Chiefs Football at
After watching the Chiefs No. 1 offense put one field goal and less than 100 yards in rushing and passing yardage on the board, their fundamentals aren’t in very good shape either. And that has turned the tenor of the conversation around the Chiefs from "hey, no problems on offense" to "we have another game and another week to get this fixed before we play Buffalo."

More news, after the jump.

Chris Steuber (ChrisSteuber) on Twitter
I've confirmed that scouts from the #Chargers, #Chiefs, #Cowboys & #Giants attended practice at #Minnesota this month.

Former Chiefs coach is author of first novel -
The result is "Between the Lies," which tells the story of a sportswriter who may have stumbled upon the scoop of his life. His hometown team has won the Super Bowl, but it appears to be the result of a cheating operation engineered by the coach.

NFL notebook: Chiefs' Haley still has confidence in 'The Plan' | Tulsa World
Todd Haley is sticking with The Plan. What that means, exactly, only he knows.

Hit the Panic Button « Arrowhead Addict | A Kansas City Chiefs blog
To be honest, my hand has been hovering over the Chief’s panic button pretty much since the 2011 schedule was announced. Even as the Chiefs signed their draft picks and free agents — when every team is feeling pretty good about itself — I tried to temper that enthusiasm. Now, after three humiliating preseason showings, the protective cover is off, I’ve gotten code confirmation from Paddy, it’s time to push the damn thing.

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