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Rams Vs. Chiefs: Questions For Tonight's Game

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the St. Louis Rams in the third preseason game on the schedule tonight. The game doesn't mean anything but it'll be good to once again see our Chiefs on the field.

I've got a few questions for tonight's game.

How long will the starters play? This is the question we're going to be asking every game. Chiefs coach Todd Haley played it very conservative in the first game and opened things up a little bit in the second game. When I was talking with 810 WHB's Danny Clinkscale yesterday, he suggested the Chiefs may not treat this third game like most teams do with the starters playing at least a half, instead waiting to do that in the fourth game because of the cautious approach to preseason to this point. We shall see if he's right.

Will the offense have any consistency? Haley's preseason offense usually isn't very consistent because they don't do much game planning but I want to see if the offense, specifically the passing game, can show some consistency. I want to see QB Matt Cassel spread the ball around a little bit and find a way to utilize all the weapons the Chiefs added this offseason.

Will the secondary be tested? We think the Chiefs secondary is pretty good right now with a chance to be very, very good this season. I want to see QB Sam Bradford test the Chiefs secondary a little bit. He's a solid young quarterback who is quickly moving into the top tier of quarterbacks. Let's see Bradford test that secondary.

Can LB Justin Houston keep up the momentum? We saw Houston get two sacks last week against the Baltimore Ravens and he could have had a couple more. I want to see him keep up the momentum and get after the quarterback. I also want to see him get a lot of time with the first team because, if he can rush the passer, he can make an immediate impact. 

It's Game Time.

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