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Looking Back At The Chiefs, Rams 2009 NFL Drafts

The Kansas City Chiefs spent the third overall pick on DE Tyson Jackson in the 2009 NFL draft and the pick has been getting criticized ever since. But that criticism comes with good reason because Jackson has been an average player for the Chiefs -- not someone you think of when you think third overall pick.

It doesn't change the situation but it does make me feel a little better that the 2009 NFL draft was bad for a lot of teams, not just the Chiefs. 

As a refresher, here's the top 10 in that draft: 1. QB Matthew Stafford (Lions); 2. OT Jason Smith (Rams); 3. DE Tyson Jackson (Chiefs); 4. LB Aaron Curry (Seahawks); 5. QB Mark Sanchez (Jets); 6. OT Andre Smith (Bengals); 7. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (Raiders); 8. OT Eugene Monroe (Jaguars); 9. DT B.J. Raji (Packers); 10. WR Michael Crabtree.

You would think there'd be better than a 50 percent success rate in the top 10 of a draft considering teams drop hundreds of thousands (if not millions) into their scouting departments but this was one of those years where many teams, including the Chiefs, didn't have very good drafts. Bad years happen, I guess. 

I do remember that year well, though. I was pushing for the Chiefs to draft OT Jason Smith, who went to the Rams with the second pick right before the Chiefs.

Preparing for Friday night's preseason game, I talked with our Rams blog, Turf Show Times, and I took the opportunity to ask about that 2009 draft and how Smith in particular was doing.

What a terrible draft class in 2009. Jason Smith isn't a bust. He's been a solid right tackle, and the addition of all around bastard Harvey Dahl at right guard should help him find the edge that most people think he lacks. Smith was the best offensive tackle drafted in 2009.     

A solid right tackle --- with the second pick. Obviously you want top of the line talent at that spot but, looking at the other top picks in 2009, I'd say the Rams should be happy they have a contributing player. 

It's Game Time.

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