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Rams Vs. Chiefs: Checking In On Fan Confidence

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The Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams will meet at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday night for the annual Governor's Cup (which now benefits Joplin). To prepare for this game I talked with Turf Show Times and asked five questions about the game.

I could identify with the first question I asked: Do Rams fans expect the playoffs this year? Is that where the team is right now?

Basically, the answer is yes, the playoffs are expected.

Fan confidence runs pretty high right now. It should. Years lost in the wilderness, the franchise finally showed signs of life last year. Losing the division crown in week seventeen last year felt really bad. It's been refreshing to see signs that it's a sore point with players too. Anything less than winning the NFC West, barring some catastrophe, is unacceptable. This is really the last shot the Rams have for cementing a fan base in St. Louis.

As he mentions, the Rams lost out on the playoffs in the final week of the season so not only does the fan base think the Rams are playoff-worthy, but they're hungry for it after almost getting a taste last year.

The Chiefs have a similar fan base where a lot of them expect the playoffs, or at least competing for the playoffs. If you win the AFC West one year, and lose it the next, there are going to be some unhappy fans.

That said, I'd say fan confidence for both teams is pretty high.

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