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After Lil Wayne Concert, Todd Haley Explains 'Versatile' Taste In Music

The very first CD I ever purchased was Ace Of Base, 'The Sign', 17 years ago and unfortunately my knowledge of music hasn't progressed much since then. I just don't have that musical bone in my body to understand music.

Apparently, though, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley does have the touch for music. He went to the Lil Wayne concert in downtown Kansas City on Monday night -- he says it was "good, very good" -- and today he explained his ties to Mr., uh, Wayne.

"We made a video at the start of the season and it was one of his songs," Haley said (video via "The players took to it and we played it at every home game and it was kind of our [song]. When you saw us gather up in the end zone it was always a song of his so I said if he comes into town and I get an opportunity to get a copy of it and thank him, I'd do it. But it was a great, great show. He's terrific."

This isn't a situation where Haley's trying to gain credibility within the locker room, a younger crowd that probably listens to Lil Wayne. He says a lot of the players didn't even know he went to the concert until this morning.

Haley says he's not only a rap guy, but also a Barbara Streisand guy. And a Bobby Vinton guy. Foo Fighters, too.

"I'm versatile," Haley said.

But Lil Wayne ranks up there with his all-time favorites. "I like him. He's good. He's good. He thinks outside the box for sure."

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