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Chiefs Vs. Ravens: The Best And The Worst

Hello Arrowhead Pride-ites! Arrowhead Prideans? Arrowhead Prideuns? How bout just Arrowhead Pridies…

Well, anywho, this is the official introduction of a new weekly article I will be bringing you called "The Best & Worst w/ His Dirkness."

The concept of the article is simple. I will bring you the bests and worsts from the past weekend's Chiefs game. Nothing is off limits in my writing, from the game, to the commentators, to the referees, to the gameday experience, to anything within my life that pertains to the Chiefs that week (for instance, I had to DVR the game this week because I attended the Buzz Beach Ball concert. The best part of the night was when the huddled masses were awaiting Incubus to take the stage, and an Arrowhead Chop chant broke out. The worst part was spending more money on a crappy margarita that I was bound to spill all over myself during 'Wish You Were Here' than I would on a beer at a Chiefs game). Get it? Got it? Good (yes, I might quote Full House every week).

The Best & Worst of Kansas City vs. Baltimore....

Best outcome - Realizing the potential of this Chiefs defense IF Justin Houston is as good as he flashed on Friday night. Pass rushers from both sides of the 3-4 defense is (and always has been) what makes the Pittsburgh Steelers defense so vaunted. Pair that with an excellent tandem of young cornerbacks (hopefully able to resign both), an annual Pro Bowl playmaking safety, and an (slowly, but surely) improving defensive line, and we could be looking at an elite defensive unit in the very near future.

Worst outcome - The continued sucktitude of the Chiefs offense. The starters accumulated 3 points, which came on a whopping 4 play, 2 yard drive. They struggled in both the running game (with only Dexter McCluster finding room on draw plays) and the passing game (Matt Cassel looked uncomfortable, and his only good plays were jump balls to Dwayne Bowe). It's not time to hit the panic button yet, but I'm starting to wonder if the team has the offensive minds to get where they need to be. However, there's always…

Best TD drive led by a CFL Quarterback - 9 plays, 80 yards, 2:58. Tyler Palko hits Terrance Copper for a 4 yard touchdown pass.

Worst QB-WR connection - Ricky Stanzi to Chandler Williams. On one 4th quarter drive, Stanzi targeted Williams on 4 straight passes, leading to one completion, two incompletions, and an eventual interception.

Best starting lineup picture - Le'Ron McClain

Best play - Dwayne Pro Bowe's catch and punking of Ravens rookie CB Jimmy Smith. Bowe had two nice catches on fade routes, however his latter was made complete with a demeaning stiff arm to the face. Get off me rook'.

Worst play - Given the circumstances, I'll say the play that Branden Albert went down with a blow to the head. Injuries are the last thing you want to see in preseason, and not only did this conjure up concerns over Albert's health, but it sent Butch Lewis in to protect Cassel's blindside.

Best new nickname - Kelly Gregg, "The Oggre"

Worst pass blocker on the Chiefs - Dexter McCluster

Best nuance of the game - The Ravens continued efforts to throw at Brandon Flowers, while Brandon Carr was left untested. I'm wondering if Carr will surpass Flowers in terms of quality of play. I believe Carr has better physical tools (taller and faster) and more potential to grow as a cornerback. He started as a rookie out of Grand Valley State and has made great strides every year he's been in the NFL. I believe Carr narrowed the gap between the two last year, and will pull closer to Flowers by the end of this 2011 season.

Best/Worst of the week - Trent Green. I got nothing but love for Trent, who is my favorite Chiefs quarterback of all time. However, he continues the tradition of awful Chiefs preseason commentating. My favorite part was him referring to the Indiana alumni as "hoozuhs." I couldn't tell if he was calling them Hoosiers or hosers.

Worst call - Had these refs never seen the infamous Patriots-Raiders "Tuck Rule Game?" They failed to make the correct ruling twice, and it would've been three times if not for a reputation-saving conference.

Best player in midseason form - Dustin Colquitt, who boomed his first 5 punts inside the 20, and averaged 46.5 yards on the night.

Worst player in midseason form - Tim Tebow. Holding a clipboard. Look, I don't think Tebow is fit to be a starter in the NFL right now, but don't you at least want to get him reps in preseason? As the 3rd string QB, Tebow attempted all of 2 passes vs. the Bills on Saturday night. What are they thinking? Are they moving on?

Best tackle - Brandon Siler's car wreck collision with Ravens FB Vonta Leach. Siler may have been bested on this one, but made up for it later with a jarring hit on a punt return.

Worst tackle - Terrance Copper's weak arm-tackle attempt on kick returner Jeremy Horne.

Best impressions - Tyson Jackson and Andy Studebaker. They both lived in the backfield on Friday night, with Jackson playing the best I've seen him play as a pro.

Worst post-game realization - With Marshal Yanda out, the Ravens started 3rd round rookie Jah Reid at right tackle, who was lined up on Jackson and Studebaker's side throughout the first half.

Best player that may not make this team - Brandon Bair. The undrafted 6'7 rookie defensive end got a great push throughout the second half of Friday night's game. Keep your eye on him these next two games.

Worst player that will make this team - Jerheme Urban. I'm really not understanding what the Chiefs see in this guy. Maybe he will be Thomas Jones' next target in the locker room.

Everybody be sure and let me know what you think of this first article (I'll be chiming in on the comments). Hopefully, I can add some enjoyment to your Chiefs experience. We are all family as far as I'm concerned.

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