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Larry Fitzgerald Gets Monster Eight-Year Deal From Cardinals

Consider Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe a happy man this morning. That's because there's a new high-water mark on long-term contracts for receivers.

ESPN reports that WR Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals agreed to terms on an eight-year, $120 million deal that includes nearly $50 million guaranteed.

50. Million. Guaranteed. 

Wow. That $15 million per year average likely won't be replicated by anyone else anytime soon but it does raise the water for everyone else out there. Maybe Bowe was an $7 million a year type of player, and now with Fitz's new deal he may gain some leverage to increase that.

The Chiefs haven't had serious discussions about a long-term deal for Bowe but they probably will at some point this season if he continues playing well. Larry Fitz's deal won't have a major impact on Bowe's deal, whether that's from the Chiefs or elsewhere, but it certainly doesn't hurt him.

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