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Fantasy Football Draft Projections 2011: Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles And More

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SAINT JOSEPH, MO - JULY 31:  Dexter McCluster #22 carries the ball during Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp on July 31, 2011 in Saint Joseph, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
SAINT JOSEPH, MO - JULY 31: Dexter McCluster #22 carries the ball during Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp on July 31, 2011 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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As we mentioned last week, Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Yahoo! Fantasy Football to bring you free NFL fantasy leagues with all of your favorite AP members. I've got one league already set up and I need to get two more leagues set up because we had so many requests. I'll set up those other leagues very soon (I promise KC Satchmo!).

As a follow up, I'd lik to crowd source out our 2011 Fantasy Football recommendations for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What Chiefs players project to what rounds?

I'll give it a stab first. Here's where I think our best fantasy prospects could go in your Fantasy Football drafts (7 round draft for perspective's sake). Feel free to characterize players as first round, mid round or late round for those of you in leagues with 7+ rounds. Chime in with your own thoughts on the projections in the comments:

QB Matt Cassel: Rounds 5-6. I know, I'm a Matt Cassel fan. But in terms of fantasy points, there are just a high number of quarterbacks out there who are going to get more chances to score more. 

RB Jamaal Charles: Rounds 1-2. Jamaal will go quickly in most fantasy drafts. He's not an No. 1 overall pick but he's up there. QB picks and a couple of RB picks could push him to the second round of your drafts. 

WR Dwayne Bowe: Rounds 3-4. Personally, I do not see Bowe having the same year he did last year, or even close. Defenses will be keyed on him this year and the Chiefs won't be facing such terrible pass D. Baldwin and Breaston will take receptions away from D-Bowe. 

WR Jonathan Baldwin: Round 6-7. Rookie WR. Late round pick up almost always. 

WR Steve Breaston: Round 7. This isn't a knock on Breaston. There are just more players out there who will get more points in their systems than Breaston will behind Bowe and Baldwin.

WR/RB Dexter McCluster: Round 7. Dex may have 1-2 big fantasy games but I just don't see him consistently putting up big points from week to week. His role will be too unreliable for a high fantasy football draft pick. And drafting players for their return ability just never seems to pan out. 

RB Thomas Jones: Rounds 6-7. TJ won't get many yards but he could be good for 5-6 touchdowns again this year. He will probably perform in the 5-10 point range each week. 

TE Tony Moeaki: Rounds 6-7. I usually draft tight ends late unless their name is Tony Gonzalez. Moeaki will be a great player. He just won't put up a ton of fantasy points for you. 

Thoughts on where you should draft the Kansas City Chiefs?

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