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2011 NFL Free Agency News: Aubrayo Franklin, Zach Miller And Ronnie Brown

There have been a few notable free agency moves today so here's an update on a few of them. Check out all free agency moves at this link.

NT Aubrayo Franklin to the New Orleans Saints. He was believed to be going back to the San Francisco 49ers so the move to New Orleans is a bit of a surprise. It's a one-year deal which tells me that there wasn't much of a market for him and a long-term deal. So he signs a one-year and hits the market again in 2012. The Chiefs never really had significant interest in him, especially at his price tag. 

TE Zach Miller to the Seattle Seahawks. He was reportedly thought to be headed back to the Oakland Raiders but apparently not. The good news for Chiefs fans is that this takes away arguably the best offensive player from the Raiders so they just got worse.

RB Ronnie Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a solid move for the "Dream Team". The Eagles need their running backs to catch the ball and Brown does well in that category. Plus, they finally get a big, strong running back, which they haven't had for a while. I like this move for them.

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