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Kansas City Chiefs Roster Roundup

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The Kansas City Chiefs are still a number of players away from hitting the 90-man training camp roster limit. At this point, I'm wondering if they'll ever get to 90 players.

Currently, they have 78 players under contract for the 2011-12 season. That number includes the four players they've released, 10 undrafted free agents, three restricted free agents and the other unrestricted free agents they retained and brought in from other teams. Two more are coming soon (we think): LB Tamba Hali and CB Brandon Carr.

That'll raise that number to 80 players and leaves 10 roster spots remaining for the Chiefs 2011 training camp.

It's interesting this year with no offseason workouts because this is probably the year they need 90 players the least. The Chiefs could be more concerned about preparing the top 53 or so guys for the season rather than players 80 to 90. Each team will react differently to the time crunch and it's making me wonder if the Chiefs aren't as concerned about hitting the roster max.

With former New England Patriots DE Ty Warren reportedly visiting the Chiefs today, maybe we see another signing coming through the hopper.

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