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Kansas City Chiefs August 2011 Approval Poll: Scott Pioli

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is truckin' along with a 92 percent approval rating in the August 2011 poll we posted for him on Monday so now it's time to turn our attention to Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. We're through about one week of free agency at this point so there are a few things to judge Pioli on.

He's brought back a number of free agents and signed WR Steve Breaston, NT Kelly Gregg and LB Brandon Siler from other teams. He's signed 10 undrafted free agents and all but one of the Chiefs draft picks (where are you Justin Houston)? We've also seen a few players connected to the Chiefs that ultimately signed with other teams.

Pioli said on 810 WHB yesterday that the Chiefs are still out there looking for players at just about every position, and there are still just under a dozen players away from hitting the 90-man roster maximum.

So let's see what Chiefs nation thinks of him. Do you approve?