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Chiefs' Todd Haley Talks Brandon Siler For The First Time

The Kansas City Chiefs officially signed former San Diego Chargers LB Brandon Siler on Monday morning but, because of the rules in the new labor deal, he can't practice until Aug. 4.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley talked about Siler for the first time on Monday morning and noted his versatility being able to play both inside linebacker positions. Via

"The good thing about Brandon, is both inside positions, ultimately we want them to be pretty close to the same, they're not right now,So when you have someone with some versatility to play both roles, that's an added bonus. He'll increase the competition. He's a guy that understands the division and what's going on."

A few thoughts on Siler after hearing from Haley:

  • The Chiefs are always looking for versatility and guys that can do multiple things so it's interesting that Haley noted this on Siler because I wasn't aware that he had the capability of playing both sides. One of his strengths is his run-stopping and one of his weaknesses is in pass coverage so Romeo Crennel will need to be able to put him in the best position for him to contribute. 
  • Haley also said he's a special teams contributor so even if he's not the full-time starter it sounds like he'll have a role.
  • It may not make a huge difference but being very familiar with six teams on the Chiefs 2011 schedule should be helpful. 

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