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Chiefs Vs. Ravens: Game Tied At 3-3 As First Quarter Ends

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We are done with the 5th quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs preseason. And besides a couple of great catches by Dwayne Bowe, the game has been a bit slow. The score is 3-3. Here are some notes:

New kickoff rule results in a...touchback to start the game. Of course. This rule is boring. 

On the Chiefs' first third down, Dwayne Bowe made a ridiculous one-handed catch near the sideline. It was in traffic and frankly should not have been thrown by Matt Cassel. Awesome, nevertheless.

Jackie Battle recovered a fumble on a punt return. Chiefs took over near the 20-yard line. It resulted in a Ryan Succop field goal. Score: Chiefs, 3-0. 

The Ravens had a great first drive, with Joe Flacco evading pressure and hitting receivers with relative ease. However, the Chiefs' defense held the Ravens to a 49-yard field goal. Score: 3-3.

Dwayne Bowe is on fire. Two excellent catches so far, both as he was being smothered by the Baltimore D. Unfortunately, the Chiefs ended their second drive with a punt, despite a the 26-yard catch and run by D-Bowe. 

Second quarter is underway....Score is 3-3. Keep the conversation going in the comments. By the way, it's storming here in DC big time. Anyone else getting this East Coast bad weather?