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Chiefs Will Address Jonathan Baldwin-Thomas Jones Situation Tonight

We said earlier today that we wouldn't be surprised if the Kansas City Chiefs never publicly acknowledged the reported fight between rookie WR Jonathan Baldwin and veteran RB Thomas Jones.

You won't believe this, but we were wrong. The Chiefs will indeed address the situation.

The KC Star reports they'll address the topic after Baltimore Ravens game tonight and I would venture to guess it would be Todd Haley doing the talking. I wouldn't be surprised if Haley said his piece, didn't take questions, and moved on.

What will Haley say? Will he blame one or the other? Will he blame both? Will he downplay it?

Interesting questions to be answered here but I wouldn't hold your breath for any details. It doesn't do Haley any good to paint either one as the instigator or victim. My guess is he gives vague details about an "incident" and says everything is OK now, and that it's a "family issue".

Unfortunately, with the way news works these days, many people have already made their opinion of Baldwin, and Haley (or whoever) talking about it tonight won't change their opinion of him. It's unfortunate, but it's reality.

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