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KC Chiefs Can Learn From The Ravens

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The last time the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Baltimore Ravens it was in the 2010 AFC wildcard playoff game. The Chiefs scored the first touchdown and, for at least one half, looked like they were going to compete against the Ravens.

Unfortunately, the Ravens went on to finish the game with 27 unanswered points and, judging by the scoreboard, a totally dominating victory.

I think what I learned most from that game is that the Chiefs aren't as physical as the Ravens. They're getting better but they're not on that elite level yet where you're simply better than the opponent.

There was one play that I think caught the essence of the game in a nutshell -- Terrence Cody busting through the line and attempting to eat RB Jamaal Charles.

Ah, yes, this reminds me of the Ravens game. Cody busts through the line, catches up with Charles, the Chiefs main (only) weapon in that game, and then creates a Chiefs turnover while putting all 350-plus pounds on him. The Chiefs were just beat up in the game. That's really what it comes down to.

This time around, it's just preseason. The games don't matter so you shouldn't expect to see that same intensity level but playing the Ravens is a good opportunity for the Chiefs to learn something. They're the type of organization, the type of team the Chiefs want to be so even though it's just preseason I think the Chiefs can take something away from Baltimore on how to, frankly, beat the crap out of your opponent.

(H/T Baltimore Beatdown)

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