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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

KANSAS CITY MO - AUGUST 27: A general exterior view of renovated Arrowhead Stadium prior to a preseason game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on August 27 2010 in Kansas City Missouri.  (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY MO - AUGUST 27: A general exterior view of renovated Arrowhead Stadium prior to a preseason game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on August 27 2010 in Kansas City Missouri. (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)
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There wasn't that much news this week besides recaps on the Tampa Bay Bucs game and getting ready for the Ravens. However, there were quite a few amazing FanPosts and FanShots from you guys. It really is hard to pick just one of each for the posts of the week.

If you missed some stories this week then please follow along. We can talk about a couple recent signings or listen to Chiefs coach Todd Haley talk about them. We can also talk about the cap and how much room we have and Arrowhead is awesome so lets talk about it too! It's sad that camp ended in St. Joseph and there is a nice story of the final hours there. There is also a gem about our biggest fan Jason Whitlock one year ago. Let's Jump!

Five Biggest Stories

1. Kansas City Chiefs Confirm Harold Ayodele Signing

I'm not sure if this guys is going to make the team but at least it is news! He seemed to do well against nobodies. He is also pretty good sized dude. If nothing else I think he will make practice squad. Then again if he was brought in late maybe the coaches know something that we don't know.

2. Todd Haley Gives Insight Into Jared Gaither, Keary Colbert Acquisitions

Haley says he is excited to have both. I am pretty excited too especially of Jared can stay healthy. If that is the case then we got a steal. I haven't seen much of Colbert and I think I'll look some stuff up on him in a little bit. I think Gaither makes the team but I'm not so sure of Colbert--even though Haley seems to like the kid a lot.

3. Report: Chiefs Have Most Salary Cap Space In The NFL Right Now

I'm really tired of all the "Chiefs are cheap" talk that is going around right now. It seems that there has been some debate lately. Joel even pointed out that a small time writer said the Chiefs were cheap without real evidence. The issue was resolved though. Either way I think people should pick their spots. If you have evidence to support your claim then great. If you actually know what you are talking about then great. I just hate when someone spits stuff into the wind. Sooner or later the spit is going to hit someone--then what?

4. Kansas City Chiefs Will Have Open Practice At Arrowhead Stadium Next Week

It is nice to see that Arrowhead will be open for practice. I have to admit that I never been to Arrowhead yet. That is sad because I really want to go. Hopefully, my wife will get me tickets for an early Christmas present this year. I think this will be a nice little treat for the fans to see practice at Arrowhead that couldn't make camp.

5. Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp In Its Final Hours

Always sad to see camp end but after all it is another day closer to real football. I was at camp once this year and it was really nice during the night practice. I got autographs from Bowe, Stanzi, and Charles. All three really nice guys and it was cool being close to them. What is your favorite memory of camp this year?

In Case You Missed It...

1. Posterized: Jon Baldwin Flashes

I don't know how he does it but christoffer does it again! This is just amazing like every other creation that he does. If you missed this then click on the link and/or his site and you won't regret it. I promise!

2. Kansas City Chiefs Front Seven Evaluation: Preseason Week 1 –First Half

Kalo appears! This is what we all have been waiting for. I doubt many of you missed it though since it has a million comments. It is kind of weird seeing players that aren't the regulars. However, it is nice seeing the rookies lead the pack. Thanks Kalo, you are awesome.

Fanpost Of The Week

Kansas City Chiefs Roster Picks and Battles by stagdsp

Stag put a lot of work into this and it shows. It is also something fun that you can try and predict. I tried last year but I was wrong on about 5 or 6 spots. If you missed this then give it a shot ;)

FanShot Of The Week

Last Day Of Camp In St. Joseph Pictures by TailgateCouch

This is a nice link to some pictures of the last day of camp. Thanks TailgateCouch! You get so see some nice pictures of Haley just looking "chilled" as ever.

One Year Ago Today...

Jason Whitlock Reportedly Headed To Full Time

Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago since we still hear about Whitlock every couple of weeks or so saying something about the Chiefs. A lot of people around here don't like Whitlock and for good reason. I think that he flip flopped quite a bit when it came to the Chiefs. Now, anything about the Chiefs is almost pure negative.

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