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Bills WR Stevie Johnson Says He Has Celebration Planned For Chiefs Game

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills will meet on Sept. 11 for the 2011 regular season opener at Arrowhead Stadium and Bills WR Stevie Johnson is getting prepared for that.

Johnson, who is probably best known for blaming God on Twitter for dropping a ball last season, says he's planning a special touchdown celebration for Week 1 when the Bills meet the Chiefs.

Appearing on WGR in Buffalo, Johnson said:

"I got so many celebrations planned, but I gotta get into the end zone first. I gotta handle business first then have fun. [Host: Can you give us any hints at all?] No I can't give you no hints, but I know week one with the [Kansas City] Chiefs I have something for them. I got something for their defense, but I can't say anything. I'll keep it a surprise."

Hmm...wonder what it is?

If CB Brandon Flowers, CB Brandon Carr, S Eric Berry and S Kendrick Lewis have anything to say about it, KC fans won't be seeing that celebration on Sept. 11.