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Chiefs Vs. Ravens Preseason: How Long Will The Starters Play?

In the first preseason game of the year the Kansas City Chiefs had QB Matt Cassel in for two short possessions and didn't call one passing play. They were obviously being more than a little cautious (as the 25-0 score would indicated).

The Chiefs play the Baltimore Ravens this week and, if this is anything like a regular preseason schedule, we'll see the starters play a little more than the first game. A lot of times that usually tops out in the third game with the first team playing as long as an entire half (or more).

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters today that the Ravens starters will play well into the second quarter, according to Aaron Wilson.

It'll be interesting to see how long the Chiefs keep most of the first team in there. Keeping them in too long and I agree that you'll risk an unnecessary injury. However, at some point both the offensive and defensive starters need as much as live action as possible.

If you're Todd Haley, how long will the first team be out there?

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