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Chiefs Coach Responds To Steve Breaston's 'Butthole' Comment

This headline makes it sound like this is a negative post -- a player using the world "butthole" to describe his coach and all -- but it's actually a positive post.

Before he officially agreed to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs, WR Steve Breaston went on 810 WHB's Border Patrol with Steven St. John and gave a hilarious description of Chiefs head coach Todd Haley saying he's "not always a butthole."

It was a compliment -- back-handed or not -- and Haley responded to the "butthole" comment in a conversation with Don Banks, which was posted at (H/T Jonas Venture):

"He made that comment, and I'm getting all these messages on my phone, 'You sign him and that's the thanks he shows you?'" Haley said. "But I said if you knew how I coached him for a couple years in Arizona, he can call me anything he wants. Because nobody's been put through more than him by me. And oh by the way, he's coming back to me, voluntarily. Don't forget that.''

(To be fair, he "voluntarily" signed a five-year deal that reportedly totaled over $20 million.)

Glad to hear these two guys get along. Check out Banks' story, which includes several Chiefs tidbits.

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