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Report: Chiefs Have Most Salary Cap Space In The NFL Right Now

According to the latest salary cap numbers provided by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, the Kansas City Chiefs have $32,984,542.00 in salary cap space. That number puts them atop the league with the most salary cap space of any team.

What's interesting is that a little over a week ago the KC Star reported that the Chiefs salary cap number -- again, not cash, but salary cap -- was at $99.5 million. That means, while adding players to the team, the Chiefs were able to lower the salary cap, too. It's a good example of using the salary cap to your advantage.

Why is all the Chiefs cap space a good thing? Look at it this way:

Are the Chiefs better than the Browns? I'd say so. The Chiefs have $9 million more in cap space. Are the Chiefs better than the Vikings? Maybe. They also have $32-plus million more in cap space. Are the Chiefs better than the Raiders? We think they might be so it doesn't hurt that KC has $27 million more in cap space than Oakland.

This isn't 2008 where the Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the league with boatloads of cap space. The Chiefs are a good, playoff-contending team and they have more flexibility than anyone in the NFL.

This could come in handy between Aug. 30 and Sept. 3 when NFL roster cuts hit going from 90 to 53 players.

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