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Don't Stress The Chiefs Preseason Opener

We've been doing this blogging thing for a few years now so we generally have a good idea of how Kansas City Chiefs fans are going to react in certain situations. And I know after last night's shutout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there are some folks getting nervous for the season.

Relax. It's just preseason. Yeah, it sucks that the Chiefs loss but this game is in no way an indicator of the regular season. You can't take any Chiefs game serious that includes no stats from QB Matt Cassel or RB Jamaal Charles. We can judge individual performances from the guys competing at the back end of the roster (and we will) but when your starters aren't in there it's tough to evaluate the entire game.

In 2009, the Chiefs had a miserable preseason which translated into an awful regular season with just four wins. In 2010, the Chiefs had a pretty bad preseason winning just one game which translated into an awesome regular season. It's so hard to judge these guys in the preseason so I don't think you can say the regular season is going up or down because of this game.

How about a sunny-side-up view of this game: The biggest problem last night (of a lot of problems) was fumbling, the two early fumbles in the center-quarterback exchange and then RB Jackie Battle putting one on the turf. Todd Haley was right after the game -- "Turning the ball over was a problem." Ideally, this turns into a positive -- emphasize protecting the football the rest of training camp and don't let it happen during the regular season. (Not fumbling seemed like a really easy concept for Tiki Barber to pick up so I'm sure the rest of 'em can, too).

I wouldn't stress the Chiefs preseason opener too much.

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